Vaso Mediceo Cassetta Giara Cubo Vaso Santo Vaso Leone Vaso Fiori Vaso Fogliame Vaso Angelo Vaso Stello con bordo Cachepot Campana Anfora Pilone Orcio Stile '800 Vaso Ornato Cassetta Ovale Festonata Cassetta Rettangolare Festonata Vaso Parete Fioriera Orcio Fragoliera Sacco Romano Cestina Fiorita Semicerchio Orcio Stile '700 Esagono Fantasia Semicerchio Vaso Angolo Conca Liscia Padania 2 Padania 1 Deco Cassetta Ovale Vaso a Parete

Padania pottery

Our producer in the area of the Po valley has been realizing handcrafted terracotta products such as bricks, floors, frames, balusters and vases piece by piece, following the traditional rules of dough mixing, moulding and cooking. The Po Valley alluvial lands are present in their quarries with thin overlapping deposits of clays of different quality and origin. This very specific type of clay presents itself in the shades of the various clays manifested after cooking. The decorations are all replicates of those used in medieval times.

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Vaso Angelo
art 7 dia int 60 cm ..
Vaso Festa
art 4 dia int 68 cm ..
Vaso Fiori
art 5 dia int 80 cm ..
Vaso Fogliame
art 2 dia int 82 cm ..
Vaso Leone
art 1 dia int 117 cm ..
Vaso Medievale
art 9 dia int 80 cm ..
Vaso Medievale con Fogliame
art 3 dia int 80 cm ..
Vaso Quadrato
art 8 50x50 cm ..
Vaso Santo
art 10 dia int 65 cm ..
Vaso Stello con bordo
art 6 dia int 100 cm ..
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